MR SIGA Recycled Plastic Material Multipurpose Cleaning Storage Caddy with Handle,Large

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Material: 25% recycled PP , 75% virgin PP

Product dimensions: 37.2×25×17cm

Weight: 410g

Style: Organiser

Usage Scene: Kitchen, Bathroom, Household storage

Product Features:

  • Keeps all Cleaning Supplies in One Spot- Cleaning caddy organizers with flat bottom fits various of cleaning tools, it's perfect for organizing and carrying spray bottles, scrubbers, squeegees, brushes, cleaning cloths, and others tools you may need.
  • Sufficiently Spacious- Cleaning supply organizer can hold several bottles, so you can clean any space efficiently with this. Sturdy plastic construction is durable and sufficient to carry daily cleaning supplies.
  • Fit under the Sink- Tool caddy can easily be stored under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. You can also set this plastic caddy in a cabinet, closet cabinet or shelf to make it easy for other members of your family to find it.
  • Easy to Carry Around the House- Cleaning tote features an ergonomic handle for comfortable toting, you can effortlessly carry the entire cleaner caddy from room to room , effectively saving cleaning time.


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