Professionally made, quality mops directly manufactured from our factory to meet your business or home needs! Floor cleaning has never been easy with MR SIGA! Browse our mops for wholesale today and contact us now!

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Wholesale Mops

Designed with micro fiber and other materials, our mops ensure efficient absorption and provide a seamless cleaning experience no matter it's for carpet cleaning or hardwood floor. Their ergonomic design ensures maximum coverage with minimal effort, a feature that distinguishes our mops in the market. For wholesalers seeking to stock top-of-the-line mops, our products promise customer satisfaction and longevity.

Types of Mops

Flat Mop Basics

If you're on the hunt for an everyday mop, flat mops are a top pick. They have a flat head that pairs with either a disposable or washable pad. They're the modern favorite for regular cleaning duties. What makes them so handy? They're a breeze to use, require minimal setup, and are great at reaching those tricky corners. The only hiccup? For stubborn messes, a little pretreatment might be needed. And when you're done? They tuck away neatly without breaking the bank.

Sponge Mops

Meet the sponge mop: its standout feature is its spongy head complete with a built-in wringer. The plus side? They come with detachable heads which makes rinsing and swapping a piece of cake. They're particularly good at tackling tiles and surfaces with bumps. But a word of caution: they need regular care. Always rinse them thoroughly after use and let them air dry to prevent bacteria buildup. Notice a tattered sponge or an off smell? Time for a new mop head.

Dust Mops

Let’s talk dust mops. They're your best friend for cleaning floors, walls, and even those high-up light fixtures. Their lengthy handles mean those high corners and fan blades are within reach. Crafted from various materials like lambswool, microfiber, or synthetics, they're designed for dry cleaning tasks. Whether you opt for a throwaway or reusable head, remember to launder the reusable ones separately.

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