MR.SIGA 24 oz Empty Recycled Plastic Material Spray Bottles for Cleaning Solutions

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Material: 25% recycled PP , 75% virgin PP,HDPE

Product dimensions: 7.6×7.6×27.5cm

Weight: 76g

Package Size: 29*8.5*8.5cm

Style: spray bottles

Usage Scene: kitchen, bathroom, car, commercial

Product Features:

  • UPGRADED SPRAY HEAD & LEAKPROOF: Made from durable HDPE which is heavy duty and chemical resistant, great for household and commercial tasks. Upgraded spray head effectively provides a leak & clog-free experience which also stands for more than 50 thousands spray test.
  • ERGONOMIC TRIGGER DESIGN: Ergonomic neck of the spay bottle fits comfortably in your hand, enabling long time spay job without hand fatigue. Adjustable nozzle can be switched easily from fine mist, solid stream or to off with just a simple turn. Our spray bottle comes with extra-long suction dip tube which reaches the bottom of the bottle and enables to get liquid sprayed out.
  • REUSABLE & LONG LASTING: Our spray bottle is manufacturered with premium quality, it is durable, hygienic, non-toxic and reusable. Features measurements on the bottle which make it easier to see how much contents remain inside. The 16 oz capacity holds enough liquid to complete your job without carrying around a larger heavier bottle. Mark on the label of spray bottle to distinguish different liquid.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Spray bottle can be used at a wide range of common cleaning for kitchen, bathroom, car or commercial, industrial cleaning, such as window cleaning, floor cleaning, misting and watering plant car detailing and more.


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