MR.SIGA Broom and Dustpan Set with Long Handle, Gray

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Material: PP, TPR, EVA handle, PET wool, iron pipe

Product dimensions: 44*26.5*12cm

Weight: 1050g

Package Size: 44*27*12cm

Style: Broom and Dustpan

Usage Scene: office, garage, hardwood floors, tiles etc, home-use commercial

Product Features:

  • MR.SIGA broom and dustpan set is made of 4-layer dense bristles, durable plastic and long sturdy steel handles(broom handle 51.7 inches, dustpan handle 38 inches) which are adjustable. Great for cleaning office, garage, hardwood floors, tiles etc.
  • Enhanced 4-layer dense bristles with flare-tip design captures fine dust and pet hair effectively. Rubber lip lies flat against cleaning surface which allows for maximum pickup. When the broom head collects hair, just comb it out through the built in dustpan teeth.
  • 51.7 inches of long broom handle provides a easy cleaning of hard to reach places . We can adjust the pole length to accommodate different cleaning jobs. Foam wrapped handle top fits comfortably and perfectly in hand, which offers a comfortable pickup and hold while sweeping.
  • Large capacity dustpan locks in open position for easy emptying, broom snaps into dustpan handle for easy stand-up storage and move around the house.

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