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What Are GRS Cleaning Products?

GRS cleaning products are manufactured to fully meet the Global Recycling Standard, a certification supported by the Textile Exchange. This GRS certificate ensures the materials used in the manufacturing process are recycled and from reliable and ethical sources, which helps promote environmental protection and green earth.

Why GRS certificated Cleaning Products?

GRS requires products to have at least 20% recycled material while in the processing, manufacturing, packaging, and labeling. This means all the cleaning products are healthier and more eco friendly. And Mr Siga has gained this GRS certification to offer our clients a greener choice!

GRS Cleaning Products Certificates

The following are our GRS cleaning products certificates which indicates the towels and linen are 100% Recycled post-consumer polyester and our Plastic toilet brush pads are made of Recycled post-consumer polypropylene.

What does "green cleaning" mean for your business?

What does "green cleaning" mean for your business?

Green cleaning means you are using cleaning products made of organic and toxic-free elements that are harm-free to the environment. However, green cleaning products need to meet certain standards like global recycled standards. This means your cleaning product businesses are zero waste and organic, producing no harmful elements and directly contributing to the health of people and protection of the environment.

Why use green cleaning products

Why use green cleaning products

Traditionally, people in the workspace contact directly cleaning products which are used to sanitize the spaces. However these cleaning tools and products are made of harmful plastics. This means people's health is under threat on a daily basis. Every year tons of cleaning products that contain all types of hazardous chemicals are sold in the market and used by consumers in the US. These chemicals are ingested into their body when they are using these non green traditional cleaning products. Only a few of chemicals have been tested and approved to pose a big threat to people's health. Now there are safer and greener choices.

Mr Siga's eco friendly cleaning products are designed to meet green recycled standard. And we have our own certificated tests to confirm how green and safe our cleaning products are.

Advantages of using Mr Siga Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Advantages of using Mr Siga Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

We have been in manufacturing green cleaning products over decades and we provide a wide range selection of green cleaning products, from brooms to brushes, in the handles, bodies and even brush head. Our quality eco friendly cleaning products are designed and made to ensure you property and facility is clean and sanitary and at the same time promote a healthier environment for the inhabitants.

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