MR.SIGA Grout Cleaner Brush Set

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Material: PP, nylon wool, silicone scraper head

Product dimensions: 16*6.3*1.8cm

Weight: 70g

Style: Grout Cleaner Brush

Usage Scene: Tiles, Sinks, Drains, for Edge, Crevice Cleaning

Product Features:

  • MR.SIGA grout cleaner brush set contains: 1 "V" shape grout edge brush, 1 deep cleaning brush, 1 detail cleaning brush with silicone scraper, 1 mini dustpan with scraper.
  • "V" shape angled grout brush with stiff bristles gets into grout joints, edges, ideal for cleaning narrow space and corners. Its built in scraper helps remove grime and dirt efficiently. Bristles measure 0.39 inch long, and the overall length is 6 inch.
  • Heavy duty deep cleaning brush cleans grout, tile, kitchen stove, door track, window track conveniently. Stiff bristles scrub away dirt, scum effectively. Durable bristles are firm enough to stand up after sustained use. Bristles measure 0.51 inch long, and the overall length is 6 inch.
  • 2 in 1 detail cleaning brush cleans dust and dirt for hard to reach places and crevices. Its built in silicone scraper lifts off dirt from drains without scratch. Bristles measure 0.6 - 0.9 inch and the overall length is 6 inch. The mini dustpan with built in scraper removes stubborn dirt and it works best with detail cleaning brush to collect dust.

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