MR.SIGA Soap Dispensing Palm Brush Storage Set

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Material: PP, MS, TPR, nylon brush wire, silicone valve

Product dimensions: 7.5*7.5*8cm, 9.5*9.5*5.5cm

Weight: 128g

Style: Soap Dispensing Brush

Usage Scene: Pots, Pans, Bowls, Kitchen

Product Features:

  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING - Sturdy body construction, non-scratch and odorless nylon bristles easily scrub off grease and grime, and they are safe to use on non-stick cookware.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE - Turn the upper part anti-clockwise to open it, and inject soap to fill the body and lock it clockwise. It will squirt soap with a light push of the button on top. The brush head can be easily removed and replaced.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - The contoured shape fits right in palm, also covered with TPR material which is non slip even when wet and soapy, so no need to apply much pressure. The body can be easily filled with dish soap.
  • NON-SKID HOLDER - Holder features a non-skid tray which catches water drips and keeps the countertop dry. After cleaning, simply put the brush head into the tray tip for storage.

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