MR.SIGA Candor Rotatable Push Broom

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  • ERGONOMIC CHOICE: The extendable rod of the sweeper broom helps you to cover hard-to-reach areas like under the beds, sofas, appliances, and other furniture. With the 180-degree swivel rotation, you can move your cleaning brush in any direction you require. This lightweight pet hair broom is very convenient to carry from one place to another and move around for cleaning.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL: The floor cleaning broom with its soft bristles, facilitates easy and quick cleaning, without leaving any scratches on shiny surfaces. Use it on carpets, hardwood, rugs, wood floors, concrete, tiles, sidewalks, patio, decks, or wherever you want. Our cleaning supplies make an ideal choice for homes, offices, salons, and even for commercial purposes.

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