MR.SIGA 2 Way Rubber Toilet and Drain Plunger

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Material: PP, rubber, aluminium alloy tube

Product dimensions: 56*15*15cm

Weight: 460g

Package Size: 45*15*10.5cm

Style: Toilet Plunger

Usage Scene: bathroom, ommercial and residential use

Product Features:

  • MR.SIGA heavy duty toilet plunger, built with durable rubber which won't damage your toilet bowl, great for commercial and residential use.
  • 6" extra large rubber suction cup provides maximum plunging power clearing tough clogs.
  • Extended rubber plunger can be collapsed to clear tough clogs in shower drains and sinks.
  • Long Aluminum handle, light weight, which offers a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Stylish design, a must-have bathroom accessory, works efficiently with both standard and high-efficiency toilets.

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