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Lithium Cordless Vacuum Mop

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  • CORDLESS & CONVENIENT STEER: MR.SIGA cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to clean your house without the hassle of a cord, maneuverable swivel head helps vacuum around the stairs, furniture and table legs flexibly. MR.SIGA cordless vacuum cleaner offers a fast cleanup, ideal for light-duty cleanings jobs in your house.
  • APPLICABLE TWO SUCTION POWER MODES: Built-in rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium battery provides up to 20 minutes runtime under high speed mode and 30 minutes runtime under normal speed mode while only takes 4.5 hours to be fully charged. 2 suction power modes allow you for different cleaning situations.
  • FASTER & EFFICIENT CLEANING: Perfect for quick pickups such as dust, pet hair, debris and crumbs. Works great on hardwood floors, marbles, tiles, laminate and more. High speed with strong suction power provides a faster and efficient cleaning.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN: Ergonomic long handle, easy to pick up and hold, cleans the floor without having to bend down which save your back and knee. 
  • The product is equipped with microfiber mop cloth which conducts secondary floor cleaning while vacuuming, so that the obstinate stains and the dusts with high adhesion can be erased, for dual cleaning guarantees.

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