MR.SIGA Laveuse de sol en microfibre

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  • Sécuritaire pour tous les planchers de bois franc et de surface dure
  • Poignée de vadrouille télescopique durable avec grande tête de vadrouille
  • Bandes de verrouillage pour faciliter la fixation et le retrait du tampon avec la vadrouille pour un nettoyage rapide et facile supérieur
  • Tampon de dépoussiérage en microfibre avec conception électrostatique piège la poussière, la saleté et les poils d’animaux
  • Le tampon de nettoyage en microfibre est conçu pour un nettoyage efficace avec une action de nettoyage à deux zones
  • TAILLE: 36x12x130cm

The Best Mops System for Cleaners

Give your staff the mops that work as hard as they do. Think about your cleaners. And our mops are perfect tools for them to improve the quality and efficiency of work.

Top choice for your business! Each of our microfiber mop is made of premium parts. From our thicker yet powerful handles, to rounded pad edges and even our locking strips that make attachment and removal of the pad easier, our microfiber mops are ideal tools to clean hardwood floor!

The Mop for Companies Who Care

You can tell awful a lot from the cheap tools. That's why we don't manufacture low quality mops. We only make best mops!

So if you care about your cleaners and want to tell them so, then contact MR SIGA and get the quality mops now. Our mops can help cleaners save a lot of time and energy. Make cleaners proud of home cleaning, not tired! Contact us for a quote of MR SIGA's Microfiber Mops today!

FAQ About Our Microfiber Mop

Are you the primary manufacturer for your mops?

Yes, MR SIGA has been manufacturing and supplying household cleaning tools for decades, and we have our own factory and development team to make and produce cleaning tools like microfiber mops, and more. From the mop pad to handle, we carefully examine the quality of our products! All of our products meet the standard of ISO9001:2015 to ensure the quality!

What manufacturing capabilities do you have?

Because of our own advanced device and workforce team based in China, we currently have a capacity around 100 million a year! So do not worry about our mop's capacity. As long as you have demand, we can meet your need quickly!

What sizes you can provide?

For our microfiber mops, we can provide custom service based on your need. So no matter what sizes, we can customize your microfiber mops, even the pad and handle for you.

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