MR.SIGA Schmetterlings-Schwammmopp

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  • Die Butterfly-Aktion erleichtert das Zusammendrücken und hält die Hände trocken und sauber.
  • Schwamm aus Polyester.
  • Griff mit Aufhängefunktion.
  • GRÖSSE:22.5×8.5×120cm

butterfly sponge mop

What is butterfly sponge mop

A butterfly sponge mop is a cleaning tool with a sponge head that folds in the middle, like butterfly wings, when the handle is squeezed. This design allows for easy wringing out of excess water without needing a separate bucket. It's convenient for quick cleanups and suitable for various floor types, with replaceable sponge heads for long-term use. Want to have your brand on the mop? Contact us if you need to customize butterfly sponge mops for your business

Why butterfly sponge mop?

Why butterfly sponge mop?

Mr Siga's butterfly sponge mops are made of PP and cellulose sponge which makes squeezing super easy and therefor largely improving cleaning efficiency. And because of our lightweight design, cleaners won't feel a thing after mopping floor! Worry about cleaning the mops? Our polyester sponge turns everything easy! All you need to do is rinse and squeeze to make this sponge mop new again! Floor cleaning has never been this easy with this mop! It can be used for household and for markets or other public scene.

FAQ About Our butterfly sponge Mop

Are you the primary manufacturer for your butterfly sponge mops?

Yes, MR SIGA has been manufacturing and supplying household cleaning tools for decades, and we have our own factory and development team to make and produce cleaning tools like microfiber mops, and more. From the mop pad to handle, we carefully examine the quality of our products! All of our products meet the standard of ISO9001:2015 to ensure the quality!

What manufacturing capabilities do you have?

Because of our own advanced device and workforce team based in China, we currently have a capacity around 100 million a year! So do not worry about our mop's capacity. As long as you have demand, we can meet your need quickly!

What sizes you can provide?

For our this mop, we can provide custom service based on your need. So no matter what sizes, we can customize your butterfly sponge mops, even the sponge and handle for you.

What is your MOQ?

We have a MOQ of 3000, but if you do want sample order, do not hesitate to contact us through the form below. We understand some startups and small brands are looking for small but quality order, and Siga can do that! We love to work with brands no matter what sizes because we know the value our clients can bring to us!

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